Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Wattys Awards - open for Fan Fiction submissions!

The Wattpad awards, The Wattys, are open for submissions again - and this time there are more catagories/awards for fan fiction than ever before - including Popfic/Bands and Musicians (that's us, that is).

Submission deadline is November 6th 2013 so if you want to enter - go here - before then!

Be sure to read the rules before you enter - key to the competition is that your story must be on Wattpad and it must be complete.

Just for a larf, I've entered my own story 'Devil In Her Heart' - just to see what happens really. Obviously all the One Direction and Justin Beiber fan fiction circles seem to eclipse our little niche, but you never know!

** Hint, hint, in case I was too subtle, - vote and comment on this little ole story will yer? Ta la. **

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