Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Wattys Awards - open for Fan Fiction submissions!

The Wattpad awards, The Wattys, are open for submissions again - and this time there are more catagories/awards for fan fiction than ever before - including Popfic/Bands and Musicians (that's us, that is).

Submission deadline is November 6th 2013 so if you want to enter - go here - before then!

Be sure to read the rules before you enter - key to the competition is that your story must be on Wattpad and it must be complete.

Just for a larf, I've entered my own story 'Devil In Her Heart' - just to see what happens really. Obviously all the One Direction and Justin Beiber fan fiction circles seem to eclipse our little niche, but you never know!

** Hint, hint, in case I was too subtle, - vote and comment on this little ole story will yer? Ta la. **

A little bit of Fan Fiction...

Welcome to the Beatles Fan Fiction Directory Blog.

I know - catchy title, eh?

It's about time this blog actually had a post, so here it is.

This blog contains all the news and updates from the Beatles Fan Fiction Directory, plus any interesting tidbits from the wider fan fiction community. 

So, on with the show...